Mizzou Day at the K

junior center Evan Boehm, snapping a football to the quarterback with lightning-quick velocity is second nature. So it’s no surprise he was tempted to use that same method for throwing out the first pitch at Kauffman Stadium, home to the Kansas City Royals.

“I think we should take a survey on how many people know I’m a center,” Boehm said, “and if I should snap the ball, or throw the ball tonight.”

Boehm was tasked with throwing out the ceremonial first pitch during Mizzou Night at the K, in which the Kansas City Royals topped the Cleveland Indians 6-4.

While Boehm didn’t actually make history by being the first person to snap a first pitch to the plate before a Major League Baseball game, he still had plenty of fun meeting fans, signing autographs, conversing with commentators before the game, and worrying about making his pitch a good one.

“I’m nervous,” Boehm said as he stood near the dugout, waiting to be called onto the field. “Probably going to bounce the ball to the plate, but we’ll see what happens.”

Boehm’s enthusiasm was unmatched, and it showed as he talked about representing Mizzou in front of thousands of Royals fans.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, to come out and throw a first pitch at a major league game,” Boehm said. “So it’s gonna be exciting and I can’t wait.”

Before the game, Boehm joined the commentators in the booth, talking about his devotion and loyalty for the Royals—regardless of their success on the diamond.

“Haven’t seen a playoff game, but you know what, I’m the biggest Royal fan there is,” Boehm said. “So I’ll support my Boys in Blue any day.”

Mizzou Made relief pitcher Aaron Crow agreed to sign the first pitch ball, which Boehm sent straight down the middle of the plate.