Don Barnes Talks New Mizzou Helmet

Nobody in Columbia knows more about what makes the black and gold special than Don Barnes. In this video, the Mizzou director of equipment operations explains and elaborates on the Tigers’ brand new matte black Nike helmet with aluminum facemask.

Barnes walks viewers through a 10 minute video, which completely details the new helmet, with demonstration by equipment manager Erich Heidolph.

Heidolph removes the standard facemask first and replaces it with the aluminum facemask. “The mask sets this whole helmet up,” Barnes explains. “It’s metallic, not really reflective. This has a darker appearance to it.”

Heidolph then screws in the 3D nose-bumper and hides it behind a broad TIGERS covering that makes the helmet pop.

Next, he meticulously applies the massive silver Tiger decals to the side of the helmet. The logos complement the sleek anthracite and turn the helmet into a tough, cutting-edge emblem of speed.

In total the helmet takes 10-15 minutes to convert, and in the end, Barnes is satisfied.

“It’s got to look classy,” he says. “It’s got to look good. It needs to fit with tradition.”