Discipline in Mizzou Football

Discipline is “training that is expected to produce a specific character of pattern behavior.”



1. Bobby Knight:

  1. Do what has to be done
  2. When it has to be done
  3. As well as it can be done
  4. And do it that way all the time.

2. Tom Landry:

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with the plan. The key is discipline—without it there is no morale.”

3. Vince Lombardi:

“You teach discipline by doing it over and over, by repetition, doing it the right way.”

4. Bob Richards (Gold Medalist Athlete):

“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in athletics is that you’ve got to discipline your life. No matter how good you may be, you’ve got to be willing to cut out of your life those things that keep you from going to the top.”

5. Jerry West:

“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”


6. Discipline:


When No One Else is Looking

Discipline is what you do when no one else is looking! It’s being considerate of the other person. Having good personal habits: you are polite, on time, and take care of business with pride. We must be disciplined as individuals first, and then as a team.

A Disciplined Player:

  1. Knows the importance of being on time.
  2. Has learned the value of regular hours and good training habits from working hard in practice
  3. Has learned that the team comes before himself. This strengthens his character as he is sometimes called upon it sacrifice for others.
  4. Has learned to take orders; in taking orders, he learns how to give them.
  5. Knows that discipline is the essence of every successful organization. As a member of the team, he understands the need for it.
  6. Has learned that many of these things establish a degree of self-discipline.

A Disciplined Football Team

  1. Doesn’t beat itself by mistakes.
  2. Keeps penalties to a minimum.
  3. Is always ready to play with INTESNSITY. Team is the bottom line.
  4. Has the guts to come from behind.
  5. Rises above adversity.
  6. Never, never quits.