“That’s why preparation and practice are so important. You can’t just wake up one day and think you’re good-you have to become good.”

True confidence is not simply a character trait. It is a nurtured skill that takes time and effort to cultivate. It requires encouragement and praise from outside forces, but also effort from the individual, as well.

Everyone is faced with two mindsets: Either you fill your head with worry, doubt and fear, or you spend your time focusing on belief and trust. If you choose the latter, self-confidence and optimism are bound to follow.

Exerting confidence is a choice. There are two ways to effectively build and use confidence:

  1. Competence Builds Confidence. Choose to become more competent. Working hard towards this requires you to bring your best focus and effort every day.
  1. Focus Confidence on Your Performance, Not on the Outcome. You must choose to be focused and confident in your performance, rather than basing your confidence on what the outcome is.

The number one motivator in the Mizzou Football program philosophy ispreparation.Careful preparation fosters confidence, because preparation is the foundation to feeling good about a performance. Confidence becomes contagious and translates into a lasting emotion that pays off.

No matter if you are an athlete or not, mental confidence takes time and effort. Mental preparation can be broken down into these two specific areas within the Mizzou Football program:

Game Week Mental Preparation

  • Player mastery of game plan through video study
  • Know opponent’s strengths and weaknesses through video study
  • Know opponent’s personnel through video study
  • Visualization of game plan

48-Hour Mental Preparation

  • Control of distractions
  • Visualization
  • Video Study
  • Gradual buildup of focus
  • Control of sleep and diet

Confidence is a combination of mental and physical skills gained from hours of practicing “the right way.” You must develop the mental confidence that allows you to push yourself physically. Together, mental and physical confidence gives you the edge. It’s impossible to think like a winner unless you can prove to yourself that you have the capability to be a winner.

The quote says, “That’s why preparation and practice are so important. You can’t just wake up one day and think you’re good-you have to become good.” These are true words. Anything worthwhile in life takes time and effort, including confidence. If you wake up one morning and decide to “act confident,” your confidence may be confused with arrogance. It is crucial that your confidence comes from within. Your hard work and belief in yourself will allow you to exude a true confidence that is admirable to those around you.