The harder you work for something, the more it will mean to you.”

Committed people aren’t meant to fit in with the crowd. In fact, they often prefer to be different. A committed individual has a goal that consumes their heart and mind to the point that what other people think is irrelevant to them. They are willing to be patient and strong as they fight for what they want and believe, and they are confident in their decision to fully commit themselves to a cause.

The characteristics of a committed student-athlete include:

  • Unique: A committed person sees events and circumstances in a unique way, which makes them different from the crowd.
  • Loyal: A committed person is not flighty. He doesn’t abandon a task halfway through, and he has his priorities in order. His teammates can rely on him, and they trust that he will be there in both the good times and the bad.
  • Imaginative: A committed person is a dreamer. They base their futures on goals they have set for themselves down the road.
  • Strong: A committed person fosters a mental toughness that makes it impossible for him to quit. He blurs the line between work and play. He sees his challenges as exciting obstacles, and this gives him a physical and mental energy that is unstoppable. He loves his work and he wants to do more, not less. When problems arise, a committed player can meet them with a positive outlook and competitive aggression.
  • Habit-Oriented: A person’s commitment is habit-forming, and his habits become a way of life. Oftentimes, a committed player reaches his goals and doesn’t even realize it. At that point of realization, they’ve set higher goals that have become their next finish line.
  • Fulfilled: A committed person finds joy and life within his commitments.

Commitment does not guarantee first choice. Talent is no assurance of success. There will be times when hard work and patience will have to serve as your commitment. When someone is ahead of you, you must remember your commitment to the task. A committed player does not lose confidence when he is not in the spotlight. Instead, he improves and waits for his turn.

A humble commitment to hard work will put you at the top. Why? Because there are very few athletes who are willing to put forth an all-out effort to succeed. It is important to remember that every effort given brings you one step closer to the your goals. When you practice, focus on the things you cannot do for three times longer than the things you can do. You have the opportunity to convert your weaknesses into strong points.

It is also important to consider your competition. There may be areas where your opponent has an advantage over you, but he should never be in better condition than you. The key to being in good condition is to never get out of it.

When you focus your full effort on the little improvements, you will be ready when it’s your turn to be on top. You will not only have the physical and mental strength, but the wisdom and clarity as you set higher goals than the ones before.