Commitment to Mizzou Football’s Family Covenant

It is no secret that the Mizzou football program considers its members a family. That applies both in times of endearment and in times of tough love. Ultimately, everyone must be willing to make tremendous sacrifices for the good of the family. Because we ride together, fly together and die together.

As in any family, a true brotherhood in this sense, a covenant must be made. Rules and guidelines must be formulated, and then those conditions must be carried out in the real world to the best of the family’s ability. For this to be done, each individual member must learn to take on the personal challenges, standards, and promises that he must follow through on. You will always have your brothers—they are what get you through the hard times. But in the end, the only successful discipline resides within the one you have instilled with yourself.


At first, we must understand what a covenant is. A covenant is an agreement that binds people together. In the Mizzou football program, there are only two options pertaining the commitment to our Family Covenant. It is simple. You are either 100% IN, or you are 100% OUT. A life in between that is an uncertain life, an undisciplined life.

Next, there is the definition of family, and it is also simple: A group of individuals related by a feeling of closeness. Yes, if it were not for athletics, you might have never come to know this program, or more importantly, this family. However, that is what makes this so special and this opportunity so great. Not only are you working hard to achieve success on the field, but you are also putting just as much work into the man off the field.

So, without further adieu, here is the Missouri Family Covenant—your covenant, if you should choose to commit to it.


  1. You are committed to excellence not only as an athlete, but also as a student-athlete. Your success and achievements are for the FAMILY.
  2. All individuals’ goals and accomplishments are secondary to the FAMILY’S success. Jealousy, selfishness and individualism are extremely destructive to the family. 
  3. You will abide by FAMILY policy, rules and regulations. If not, this place might not be for you. We are serious.
  4. You will not participate in cliques or segmented groups that destroy the FAMILY concept and unity. ALL FAMILY members must be supported at ALL times.
  5. A Missouri Tiger football player gives his all, all the time. He NEVER gives up and NEVER gives in.
  6. You MUST have a winning attitude. Can your teammates TRUST you?

Communication between coaches and players is very important. COMMUNICATION = TRUST = ACCOUNTABILITY. 

COMMITMENT to the Player Development Program and the Team Bottom Line

  • We are Enthusiastic
  • We are 6-second competitors
  • We know our assignments
  • We play tough and physical 

Care about the FAMILY

You must care about winning and make the personal sacrifices so your FAMILY can win.

Lastly, remember this: If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.