Coach Pinkel’s Focused Connection to Goals


“Being in the present means tuning out distraction and paying attention to what is important now! Focus! Make a Difference!” – Coach Gary Pinkel

Focused Connection to Goals

You can have an uninterrupted connection between a football player and his goal. You are fully focused when you have:

– No pressures

– No doubts

– No expectations

Just focus on the next step in front of you (winning edge, spring ball, summer workouts, etc.). Focus on the process and the results will come.

Example: Chris Hadfield, former fighter pilot.

“When you are flying on an airplane 500 miles an hour, there are all kinds of things that don’t matter, and there are a few things that really matter. In a high-performance airplane, things happen quickly. The next half mile or 15 seconds is all that matters—you need to completely compartmentalize and disregard things that don’t matter—bills, problems at home, etc. Even though it may be extremely important at another time, you don’t pay attention to it. You need to focus on the task at hand.”

1. Focus Practice

– Sit in a classroom or listen to someone—clear your mind and connect fully with what the person is saying.

– Focus on different thoughts during a workout—think “quickness” or “float” or “power.” Do it 10 times in a row.

– Do a body scan. Focus on different parts of your body. Are my calves relaxed? Focus on your shoulders, and think relaxation.

– Sit quietly and relax your breathing and pick an object to focus on.

2. Focus Strategies

– Return to basics.

– Reassure yourself that you are trained and are ready. Your thought process should be, ‘I’ve done this one thousand times. I am fully ready.’

– Remember that your goals are realistic. All you want to do is perform as you are capable.

– Remind yourself to stay in the moment. Focus on doing your job.

– Training and performing should be enjoyed. Embrace the good parts.

Each play is a separate focus. Play hard for six seconds. Come back and go do it again. The outcome will be in your favor. It will take care of itself.