Coach Gary Pinkel gives out 24 scholarships

Coach Pinkel awarded 24 scholarships through the GP M.A.D.E. Foundation on April 2. Pinkel and GP M.A.D.E. board member Mike Fenner hopped on a Zoom call to surprise the 25 students who did not know they were about to receive scholarships.

“They thought this was part of the interview process still, and it was awesome,” Pinkel told ABC17.

Pinkel told the students on the call that this is the first time GP M.A.D.E. has done this, and he thought they were all a great fit for the scholarship.

“There were some incredible stories of what some of these kids have had to overcome to get where they’re at and it’s pretty awesome,” Pinkel said.

GP M.A.D.E. plans on handing out scholarships every year to continue making a difference every day.