Coach Gary Pinkel at ESPN SEC Car Wash

Mizzou football head coach Gary Pinkel took his turn in what is known as the “ESPN Car Wash” in Bristol, Conn., on Monday.

“They call it the Car Wash because you go to studio after studio,, ESPNU, ESPN, Gameday, and it goes on and on and on… what a remarkable place,” Pinkel described the event that he’s been a part of three years in a row.

Pinkel talked Mizzou football on 13 different ESPN platforms from 9 a.m.- 1:45 p.m.

On ESPN’s flagship program, SportsCenter, Pinkel spoke about a number of topics, including how the team will continue to grow after last season’s Cotton Bowl Championship.

“I’m a process guy,” he said. “You get back after the bowl game, come in our locker room, the countdown to our first game, and you just don’t waste a day. It’s a process of, every day, doing the right things. So that’s what you do. One thing you do in college football, the chemistry changes because you lose a bunch of seniors and younger players are getting involved. So it’s a constant development of leadership and chemistry on your team. That’s going on right now, up until our first football game.”

While Pinkel’s day involved a lot of running around the ESPN campus, he said he enjoyed his time on Monday.

“Just a great place,” he said. “Great to represent Mizzou in Bristol, Conneticut.”

Mizzou’s first game this season will take place on August 30 versus South Dakota State on ESPNU.