Mental Toughness and Will

“To become a champion, fight one more round.” Mental toughness is many things and difficult to explain. It’s qualities are sacrifice and self-denial. Also, it is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It is a ‘state of mind’  that you could call, “Character in Action.” –Vince Lombardi Mental toughness allows

The Psychological Profile of a Champion

As this week’s Make A Difference quote states, actions are a reflection of our character. In other words, if you want to be called a champion, you have to act like one. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE OF A CHAMPION Ambitious – Your dreams are big, and your goals are high. You value success, and do not accept

The Truth About Hard Work

There are no shortcuts to any achievement. That’s why you never see laziness or inefficiency rewarded or respected. No one simply wakes up in the morning, decides to be successful and then achieves it through the power of thought alone. Truly successful individuals have put in hard work, and the results followed. Mizzou Football knows what

Courage to Succeed

It’s easy to be ordinary or mediocre, but it takes courage to excel, to be different from the crowd. That’s why not many people can do it. The rewards are great, but so are the risks. It takes courage to sacrifice; to work long, hard hours when you could be relaxing; to work out when

The Law of the Price Tag

The Team Fails to Reach Its Potential When It Fails to Pay the Price If a team fails to reach its full potential, rarely is it a matter of resources or an issue of ability. It is almost always a payment issue. A team does not reach its full potential unless it is willing to

Mizzou Football’s Law of High Morale

The Law of High Morale might ring a bell because it was inspired by the words of Joe Namath, the quarterback who helped the New York Jets win the Super Bowl in 1969. Like any champion, Namath understood that there is an exhilaration that comes from winning. The feeling can be so strong that it

The Law of the Edge

The Difference Between Two Equally Talented Teams Is Leadership Observe Teams are always looking for an edge. You’ve seen it. A football team recruits new talent or develops new plays to beat a tough opponent. Hoping to improve their productivity, businesses invest in new technology. and companies fire their ad agencies and hire new ones

The Law of the Playmaker

Playmakers are what we call “get-it-done-and-then-some” people. When a teammate is losing motivation, a playmaker brings the drive. How do you spot the playmakers on your team? A true champion exemplifies these characteristics: Ambition: A playmaker has high goals, hates to lose, and puts goals above ability. Coachability: A playmaker takes advice and is easy to coach.

Mizzou Football: The Law of Accountability

Character+Competence+Commitment+Consistency+Cohesion=Accountability 1. Character Character is the first step in this equation, but it’s important to remember that every member of the team must embrace all five of these qualities in order to achieve accountability. Character makes trust possible. Trust makes leadership possible. Accountability begins with character because character is based on trust. Trust is the

Mizzou Football’s Law of the Bad Apple

Winning is more than just talent. You could have a team full of incredibly talented athletes, but if even one has a slightly sour attitude, the team’s performance will suffer. This is the Law of the Bad Apple. Law of the Bad Apple = Rotten attitudes ruin a team Attitudes have the power to lift up