A Day with Mizzou Sports Medicine


In order to put the best product out on the field on Saturdays, you need to make sure the product isn’t banged up or broken. That’s where Rex Sharp and the Mizzou Sports Medicine team come in. Their focus is on injury prevention, management and rehab, and keeping players healthy and helping them recover quickly is a huge advantage over other programs.

“If you stay healthy you have a chance to go out and get better,” Head Coach Gary Pinkel said after today’s scrimmage. Sharp and his team go a long way in making sure injury-plagued seasons like last year are an anomaly.

One strategy utilized to cut down on injuries was to eliminate two-a-days, a progressive move that Sharp predicts will be adopted by the NCAA eventually. With the reputation and track record of the Mizzou Sports Medicine team, that prediction doesn’t seem too far off.

For more on Sharp and his staff and their success stories like offensive lineman Justin Britt, watch the video below. Go Tigers!