The Mizzou football team isn’t just centering its trip to Dallas around football. The team went to the Dallas Children’s Medical Center to lift the spirits of children in need.

“What you have to understand is that we get as much out of this as what we give back to these kids,” a candid Coach Gary Pinkel told an audience at the medical center. “These kids give us an awful lot, too.”

Senior linebacker Donovan Bonner, a native of the Dallas area, couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of giving back to children in his hometown.

“It means everything you know? Having a chance to have an impact on someone lives, it’s pretty big,” Bonner said.

Coach Pinkel reiterated that it isn’t just his team that has compassion for those in various communities; it starts from the top of the athletic department and trickles all the way down.

“People have to understand that this is not only what Mizzou football players do, but the entire athletic department,” Pinkel said. “Community service is really important, so all student-athletes do this in Columbia, St. Louis, Kansas City and in their communities also.”

Senior tight end Eric Waters shared that he was a patient at a children’s hospital as a child. The visit meant a lot to him. “I know what it feels like to be there,” he admitted.

The Tigers were even set up to do a live broadcast on closed-circuit television within the hospital, allowing patients who might have been too ill for in-room visits to experience the Mizzou visit despite their circumstances.

Coach Pinkel knows that what his team did at the children’s hospital in Dallas was a huge benefit for the youngsters and their families that they visited with. But he also wants his team to see and experience the benefits first-hand as well.

“You learn that when you give to other people, that you receive so much more in your heart in return,” Pinkel said.

Cotton Bowl Media Day kicked off for the Mizzou football team down in Dallas, and the team couldn’t be more excited to be in the Lone Star State as a part of the festivities.

The day kicked off with a normal practice and was followed by pictures as well as other media related activities. Short video clips in front of a green screen, player interviews and, of course, a team photo were all on the Tigers’ agenda.

“I mean it’s exciting,” an energized Dorial Green-Beckham said of the environment. “I mean to be here at the Cotton Bowl to represent the Cotton Bowl from the SEC, that’s a big part of it. That’s a big part of our team really, to just represent the SEC well.”

It was fitting that junior linebacker Darvin Ruise—who hails from Dallas—took the mic to show off some of his own interviewing and reporting skills. His teammate and fellow senior Marvin Foster is also from Texas, coming to Mizzou out of the Fort Worth area. Bonner asks Foster how it feels being back near the place where it all started for him.

“I think it’s a great thing that all my teammates get to experience what Dallas has to offer,” Foster said. “I’ve been here my whole life, so I’m just grateful.”

Senior captain and wide receiver L’Damian Washington overflowed with confidence while talking about his visit to the Dallas Cowboys’ locker room.

“Feels great to be going to the Cowboys’ locker room. I’m a big time fan. I mimic my game after Michael Irvin but he ain’t got nothing on me,” a joking Washington said with a smile.

Senior defensive back Randy Ponder is certainly soaking in the festivities of his final game as a Mizzou Tiger. “It’s fun, you know? Just being able to be here in Cowboys Stadium, walking around and just soaking it all in, in my hometown…it’s been fun,” Ponder said.

Sophomore offensive lineman Evan Boehm took some pictures and reiterated his thoughts that an offensive lineman should be taking pictures of other offensive linemen. The video is wrapped up by senior wide receiver Marcus Lucas showing off his own reporting skills. It’s hard to argue with the idea that there may be a future ESPN anchor on the team with all the skills on display at media day.

If you can’t make it down to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, be sure to tune in to FOX this Friday at 7 p.m. CST for this historic game.

Discipline is “training that is expected to produce a specific character of pattern behavior.”



1. Bobby Knight:

  1. Do what has to be done
  2. When it has to be done
  3. As well as it can be done
  4. And do it that way all the time.

2. Tom Landry:

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with the plan. The key is discipline—without it there is no morale.”

3. Vince Lombardi:

“You teach discipline by doing it over and over, by repetition, doing it the right way.”

4. Bob Richards (Gold Medalist Athlete):

“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in athletics is that you’ve got to discipline your life. No matter how good you may be, you’ve got to be willing to cut out of your life those things that keep you from going to the top.”

5. Jerry West:

“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”


6. Discipline:


When No One Else is Looking

Discipline is what you do when no one else is looking! It’s being considerate of the other person. Having good personal habits: you are polite, on time, and take care of business with pride. We must be disciplined as individuals first, and then as a team.

A Disciplined Player:

  1. Knows the importance of being on time.
  2. Has learned the value of regular hours and good training habits from working hard in practice
  3. Has learned that the team comes before himself. This strengthens his character as he is sometimes called upon it sacrifice for others.
  4. Has learned to take orders; in taking orders, he learns how to give them.
  5. Knows that discipline is the essence of every successful organization. As a member of the team, he understands the need for it.
  6. Has learned that many of these things establish a degree of self-discipline.

A Disciplined Football Team

  1. Doesn’t beat itself by mistakes.
  2. Keeps penalties to a minimum.
  3. Is always ready to play with INTESNSITY. Team is the bottom line.
  4. Has the guts to come from behind.
  5. Rises above adversity.
  6. Never, never quits.


Coach Gary Pinkel and the Mizzou Tigers would like to thank all fans for voting on the 2014 AT&T Cotton Bowl uniform combination.  The gold jersey was the winner, as shown in the picture above.

Thanks again for your support this season.  Go Tigers!

Our Mizzou Tigers have arrived in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl and have wasted no time in getting into practice mode in preparation for the big game.

Thirty-two members of the Mizzou football team come from the state of Texas, where surprisingly enough, this game will feel like a home game to many of them. Sophomore safety Ian Simon summed up his feelings well, saying: “I mean ‘cool’ doesn’t even describe it. This is amazing. This is a dream come true. Been a Cowboys fan all my life, grew up in this stadium, been around this area all my life.  I mean this is amazing. It’s just fun being back home.”

Senior linebacker Donovan Bonner’s trip back to the Cotton Bowl is a little bit off of the beaten path.

“In 2007 I didn’t know anything about Mizzou, I just knew Chase Daniel because he’s a big guy here,” Bonner said. “I went to the Cotton Bowl, the Arkansas-Mizzou game. I was working the concession stands selling corndogs, raising money for a school basketball trip. It’s crazy I’m back in the Cotton Bowl for my last game.”

Senior quarterback and team captain James Franklin talked about the importance of the Texas pipeline to Mizzou, especially because he was one of the bigger recruits out of the state himself.

“Mizzou’s done a great job of getting players from Texas,” Franklin said. “Seems like 80 percent of the guys are from Texas. I know there’s a lot of them. It does feel like home, even to some guys who are three or four hours away. It still feels like they’re at home because it’s where they’re from. It does pretty much feel like home. I’m excited to be here and I’m excited to play in the game next Friday.”

If you can’t make it down to Arlington for the Cotton Bowl between Mizzou and the Oklahoma State Cowboys, you’ll be able to watch the game that will be shown on FOX. Stay close to for inside interviews and stories as we march toward kickoff on January 3 at 7 p.m.

The last time the Mizzou Tiger football team was in Texas for the Cotton Bowl, Kaine Otterbacher was born. In fact, Kaine’s middle name is even Cotton. The Tiger family, along with Kaine, made their way back to Dallas with a birthday cake to celebrate the monumental occasion.

After getting everyone’s vocals warmed up with a traditional singing of Happy Birthday, Kaine’s friends were there to watch him blow out the candles.

Before the Mizzou Tigers left town to head for Dallas this past week, they got together for a special yearly practice they like to call “NFL Day.”

Why NFL Day? Because much like the pros, the Mizzou team has more of a “pro style” practice where the dress code is a little more relaxed and celebrating your plays and accomplishments are a little more acceptable.

It’s a practice where players get to enjoy themselves a little bit before the bowl game. It’s also the final practice the team will have in Columbia before traveling. For the seniors, it will be their last practice in Columbia ever.

If some of the faces you’re seeing don’t match up to the numbers you’re familiar with, don’t be alarmed. Sophomore wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham wore No. 9 to honor one of his favorite former Mizzou stars and NFL standout Jeremy Maclin. Sophomore defensive lineman Shane Ray pulled out a tribute of his own, wearing the No. 3 to honor former Tiger Jacquies Smith.

You’ll also notice Coach Gary Pinkel walking around with baseball cap and sunglasses, a non-traditional look for the coach. He would later walk in front of the team with this look and take a selfie, causing quite the stir of laughter. Even when Coach Pinkel is in preparation mode, he still lets everyone know that there’s nothing wrong with a good chuckle.

The holidays are always a good time to get together with friends, family and the one thing at Mizzou that incorporates both of those things—team.

The Mizzou Tigers look forward to their upcoming bowl game, but the team also took in the vibes of the holiday season while at the practice facility this past week.

Songs like Silent Night and Santa Clause is Coming to Town were bellowed out by team members, among laughter and overall holiday cheer.

Each age group got its chance—the freshmen, the sophomores, the juniors and the seniors. At the end of practice, Coach Pinkel gathered all the players together and asked for one more song to be sung by the whole team, We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

The players were more than happy to do so and they showed one of the truest virtues of the holiday season—family.

And that is exactly what the Mizzou Tigers football team is all about.

M-I-Z! And Happy Holidays!

Mizzou offensive lineman Evan Boehm hit the Cotton Bowl Gift Suite this week and we got a first-hand look of how that experience went.

Boehm looks around at a variety of things, takes a bike ride and relaxes in a recliner. Listening to some recommendations, he takes a look around at some other items like watches, a sandwich maker and even wireless headsets he claims to have watched Elvis Fisher work out in. Ultimately, he goes with the “Papa Bear” recliner and a dart board.

In one of the more priceless moments from this year’s Mizzou football team, here are some reactions from the team to seeing some of the gifts that the Cotton Bowl is providing for them this year.

It starts off with two shirts, a black short-sleeve and a black long-sleeve, both getting some light chatter. The sweatpants drew some attention, but when the hoodie was pulled out, many players realized that these gifts were going to be good.

Another black short-sleeve Mizzou t-shirt that has the Cotton Bowl logo is shown off before going into another shirt, pair of pants and a beanie hat. The piece of luggage began to build anticipation however, and when the recognizable box of shoes was pulled out, the team knew there was going to be something special inside.

Black shoes with thick neon green laces and edges drew a huge response. But just when you think it can’t get any wilder, the Apple TV and iPad Minis are pulled out, and all the players go nuts. L’Damian Washington looks like he just won something on the Price is Right with his dramatic reaction.

Another shirt is shown off before the reveal of the Cotton Bowl game day jersey to the players. That will be made public on December 30, right here on