15 Traits of a Self-Starter


“Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it,– Marva Collins

Do you have what it takes to be successful? As this week’s quote tells us, it’s imperative to success that you be a self-starter. The Mizzou Football Family values self-starters because talent can only get you so far. Here are 15 traits of a successful self-starter so that you can see if you have what it takes.

1. Competitive: Self-starters are motivated by challenges and go to great lengths to be the best.

2. Poised: Self-starters are relaxed enough in a stressful situation that they can do what needs to be done, whether it’s completing a pass, converting a play, tackling an opponent or acing a test.

3. Confident: Self-starters believe in themselves, their team and their abilities.

4. Conditioned: Self-starters are both physically and mentally fit. They exercise, eat right and get enough sleep. They have healthy relationships with their friends, family, teammates and coaches. They have ways of relieving stress outside of football and do well in school.

5. Skilled: Self-starters know the sport like the back of their hand. They’ve run the drills, memorized the fundamentals and learned the strategy.

6. Spirited: Self-starters are proud of their team and is willing to do almost anything in the name of the team.

7. Controlled: Self-starters are able to maintain their self-control and discipline in order to keep their emotions in check and their minds focused.

8. Alert: Self-starters are constantly ready, thinking, observing and improving.

9. Initiator: Self-starters can take the lead when necessary. They can make decisions independently or for the team.

10. Intent: Self-starters can set goals and concentrate on those goals consistently until they are realized.

11. Industrious: Self-starters put in the work without complaint.

12. A Friend: Self-starters respect their peers, teammates and friends and treat others will compassion and kindness. They work cooperatively with others toward success.

13. Loyal: Self-starters are undoubtedly loyal to themselves, their friends and their teammates.

14. Cooperative: Self-starters listen first and foremost. Then they respond appropriately and work together with others to find a compromise.

15. Enthusiastic: Self-starters truly love what they do each day. This passion inspires all else.

About the quote:

Marva Collins is an educator, writer and speaker. After teaching for more than a decade in the Chicago Public School system, she used her pension money to open a school in the second story of her home in Garfield Park, Chicago in 1975. Collins has developed her own methods of teaching based on the Socratic Method. Today she trains teachers on how to effectively use her curricula and is available for speaking engagements. Learn more about Collins at http://www.marvacollins.com/